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About A Fine Tune Piano
Thank you for visiting my web-site. My name is David Dragone and I tune and service pianos. Whether you have a spinet piano, console piano, studio piano, baby grand or grand piano, I would be honored to receive your business. As a music teacher and musician, I know how frustrating an out of tune instrument can be. As a self-employed piano technician and active member and officer in the Rhode Island Piano Technician’s Guild, I do my very best to continue learning, attending regional seminars, classes, and guild work-shops so you can be provided with good service. Whether you are looking for a basic tuning, a complete rebuilding job, refinishing, or other services, I can make sure the job is done well for you.

I provide piano tuning throughout Rhode Island, and most of Southeastern MA, and also provide Piano Lifesaver humidity control systems, piano polishes, cleaners, piano lights, piano benches, and a full range of other piano accessories. I’ve been tuning and servicing pianos for eight years.

If you have a general or specific question about your piano or my piano services, please send it along by filling in the comments section.

Why I'd Like To Be Your Piano Tuner

Your piano is a unique instrument with its own particular history and its own set of challenges for whomever you have tune and service it. I hope you bestow me that privilege. I enjoy working on pianos, and whether your piano has been regularly serviced, or whether your piano has not been tuned since before the turn of the century, my goal will always be to tune it as well as I can and to do my very best to improve any other aspects of its operation.

I hope you give my service a try. If you do, you will always get my best effort. Thank you again for visiting my web-site.

David Dragone

David Dragone spent 20 years working for oil companies before becoming a piano technician and violin teacher about eight years ago. He studied violin privately for 9 years and rediscovered the violin as an adult, taking four more years of lessons from noted instructors, including Dr. Joseph Ceo of RI and Angel Valchinov of Boston University.

David has been teaching violin for twelve years and servicing pianos for eight years.

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