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Piano Services: Piano Inspections & Piano Repair Service
Piano inspection services take about 45 minutes, depending on circumstances. I will inspect the soundboard, bridges, strings, tuning pins, test pin-block torque, casework, and all other pertinent features of the piano, record my findings, and give you a copy of the report on site. All information about your piano is stored on my computer should you require it for future use.

The fee for inspections and appraisals ranges from $50 - $125, depending on the nature of your request, whether a written follow up for insurance purposes is required, and whether you are within my service area or not. Non-profit organizations may have this fee waived under certain conditions.

Should there be damage to the piano and you are looking for a quote to repair the item/s, I can provide that on-site as well.

Piano Humidity Control Systems
You may want to consider having a Piano Life Saver System installed. I have installed several and seen vast improvement in tuning stability pitch stability as well. Studies have shown these systems can double the life of your piano. For more information, please visit www.PianoLifeSaver.com
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