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Piano tuning service generally takes about 1.5 – 2.0 hours, depending on circumstances. All my findings are noted as I tune and I provide follow up if needed. If I have never tuned your piano before, your initial tuning will include a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the piano. If the piano has not been tuned or serviced for more than a few years, or if the piano has been stored in any kind of fluctuating, non-climate controlled area for some time, chances are nearly 100% that the piano will require what is known as a “Pitch Raise.” This can involve either a one visit tuning, (about 3 hours) or as many as three visits or more for pianos not having been serviced for several years or decades. This will also depend on the condition of your piano, the amount of rust on the strings, and other factors, along with your own needs and budget.

There are many ways to bring a piano that is extremely flat up to pitch in stages that can fit your schedule and budget. The best option is to simply get whatever work needs doing to get the piano to pitch in the least amount of time, since pianos are meant to last longest, sound best, and respond best when brought to their proper pitch, normally A440. Also, it is very important that children learn proper pitch if they are learning to play the piano or any other instrument.

Piano Services Include: Piano Accessories:
  • Piano Tuning
  • Piano Cleaning
  • Piano Moving
  • Piano Repairs
  • Piano Evaluations
  • Piano Appraisals
  • Piano Benches
  • Piano Lights
  • Piano Humidity Control Systems
  • Piano Casters
  • Piano Muting Systems
  • Piano Polishes and Cleaners from Cory

Why I’d Like To Be Your Piano Tuner:

Your piano is a unique instrument with its own particular history and its own set of challenges for whomever you have tune and service it. I enjoy working on pianos, and whether your piano has been regularly serviced, or whether your piano has not been tuned since before the turn of the century, my goal will always be to tune it as well as I can and to do my very best to improve any other aspects of its operation.

Please fill out the form above if you would like to be contacted regarding servicing, tuning or repairing your piano.

How To Know When Your Piano Is Overdue for a Tuning:

  1. Others run out the room whenever you even approach the piano.
    (your piano needs tuning)
  2. Others run out of the house whenever you play, even when you aren’t playing any wrong notes. (your piano really needs tuning)
  3. You see neighbors slamming their windows shut whenever you sit down at your piano bench. (your piano really, really needs tuning)
  4. The police come and cite you for a noise ordinance and you can’t remember having any fun. (your piano might be beyond help)
  5. Your piano tuner pretends not to know you when you call.
    (that will ALMOST never happen with me – but 100 years without a tuning is my limit)
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